Additional Support

Participate in the Wikibase Community

Wikibase stakeholder group – for more advanced and/or institutional users

Wikibase community user group – for more individual community members a welcoming space. All are welcome.

Wikibase community telegram group – A place to chat Wikibase with fellow users and get answers to your questions.

Wikibase mailing list – Get in touch with Wikimedia Deutschland with any questions or just to say hello!

Wikibase/Consultants and Support Providers

The lists do not claim to be exhaustive. If you think you or your company should be listed on the page, you are welcome to add it yourself via this site.

Wikibase Technical Support (installation, setup, maintenance)

The QA Company


Wiki Valley


The Wikibase Consultancy

Wikibase Custom Development


Wikibase Solutions B.V.

Wiki Valley


WikiLibrary Manifesto

IFLA Wikidata working group

Videos the working group produced that cover a number of topics related to Wikidata and Wikibase

LD4 Wikibase and WBStack working hours

LD4 Wikidata affinity group

Institutional requirements

If you’re an institutional user of Wikibase wishing to share your user requirements, please feel free to add them to this page on meta or get in touch with Wikimedia Deutschland via the contact form.